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Pandemic Phases

Below is the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Phases. We are currently at Phase 0, Level 2. When we enter the next phase-Person-to-Person spread you will be seeing a lot more information in the news about the Coronavirus pandemic. Once it reaches that phase it can start to spread around the world within weeks. Some people who become infected may not become ill, yet, they spread it to others without knowing it. Others may become ill and die within days. As the flu spreads we will see the government stepping up their efforts to contain it including limiting air travel, quarantines, school and business closures, and public events canceled.

For the time being your best defense against Coronavirus is to stay informed and prepare for a Coronavirus pandemic.

WHO International Influenza Pandemic Phases

Phase 0: The Inter-Pandemic Phase

The time between two influenza pandemics. The longest period known was 39 years (1918-1958)

Phase 0, Level 1: Novel Virus Alert

A novel influenza strain has been identified in a human.

Phase 0, Level 2: Human Infection Confirmed

Confirmation that the novel strain has infected two or more persons but the ability for the strain to pass rapidly from person-to-person is not confirmed or is questionable.

Phase 0, Level 3: Pandemic Alert – Person-to-Person Spread Confirmed

The person-to-person spread of the virus is confirmed within a community with at least one of the outbreaks lasting for more than 2 weeks.

Phase 1: Confirmation of the Onset of a Pandemic

The novel virus is confirmed to be causing several outbreaks in one country and has spread to other countries. The mortality and morbidity of the infection is serious in at least one segment of the population.

Phase 2: Regional and Multi-Regional Epidemics

Outbreaks and epidemics are occurring in multiple countries

Phase 3: End of the First Wave Pandemic

The first pandemic wave is likely to taper off with a change in season. The hiatus between the first and second pandemic wave is variable and could last from 3 to 9 months.

Phase 4: Confirmation of Beginning of a Second Pandemic Wave

The lethality of the second and subsequent waves depends on there being enough time to manufacture and administer an effective vaccine before the wave begins.

Phase 5: Confirmation of the End of the Pandemic

Once the number of susceptible persons falls below a threshold, the pandemic will cease.

Source: WHO